• Our curriculum is a carefully created collection of topics and step-by-step tutorials, classroom Test center and roundtable-style discussion. There are lots of exercises for solo and pair programming as well as larger team projects.
  •  It’s all designed around hands-on learning by undertaking. You’ll get both the hard technical knowledge as well as the soft skills you need to work as a developer.
  •  You’ll have every opportunity to push yourself firm, to learn fast and to learn deeply.


  • We’re going to set a fast pace and push you hard. But, we’re not going to make you do it by yourself.
  • You’ll have the chance to be instructed and mentored by some of the smartest, most experienced software developer.
  • They’ll help you figure out how to solve problems. They’ll help get you unstuck when you get to the hard parts.
  •  They’ll give you insight into the paths that they have taken to develop their career and the choices they’ve made along the way.


  • We work with our partner companies to line up internships and projects that will allow you to gain further hands-on experience.
  • You’ll work with experienced software pros.
  • You’ll gain a introduction to the professional workplace.
  • You’ll expand your network of professional contacts.
  • You’ll get to meet and impress potential employers with your knowledge and passion and ability to deliver